Friday, 18 April 2014

Colour Run Prep...

Today was spent making final preparations for the Colour Run tomorrow - making sure that everyone has the right money, knows where to go and has printed off everything they need. Now, I think everything is in order and I need to pack a bag for myself - hopefully with the weather dry tomorrow the powder won't cause us too much hassle. 

After class I had a chance to skype home from KC for a catch up before Easter weekend - my Easter Bunny package arriving just a bit too late for me to pick up for Sunday, so I will have a delayed treat next week. 

To finish, a small treat (I hope) in light of the 200th post yesterday and your continued loyalty. Below is a recording of one of the songs I've been working on put as a packing track to photos from the Cherry Blossom Festival because I like the photos and I couldn't work out how to insert an audio file by itself. It's a bit slow on the load and excuse the squeaky stool in the background.


Thursday, 17 April 2014

The Blog's Bicentennial...

Well, dear readers, it is the 200th blog post of my amazing time here at Washington College. I have decided that once my time here is passed I shall continue a new blog and I invite you preemptively to continue to join me when the time comes. Writing these posts by lamplight is somewhat of a habit now that I will find hard to shake off. 

But, enough of the future. This morning I wrote the penultimate paper of the semester on a genre of film coined by our very own Professor Richard Striner as 'Supernatural Romance' - films comprising of love, death and the afterlife. My particular topic was on 'The Presentation and Personification of Death and the Supernatural' within the genre. With that done and once I had eaten it was time for class. The rest of the afternoon passed with more 'House of Cards' - a serious addiction now. 

This evening, and a fitting event for such a momentous post, was my final dinner with David and Deirdre. This time I took Wilson as my +1 because he had not yet sampled Deirdre and Joan's amazing food, or the great company that everyone provides. Unfortunately, Fern has returned home to LA, so no wolf-husky for entertainment, but it didn't put too much of a damper on the evening - the Bellini's certainly helped to raise our spirits. I shall certainly miss our brief hiatuses from the dining hall to sit around a dining table with home cooked food in front of the fire. But, I thoroughly look forward to seeing David and Deirdre later in the year when we pass by their place in Canada. 

Returning back to Worcester, I watched the last two episodes of 'House of Cards' to round off another small era - what will feed my addiction now?


Yesterday was a long, but routine day, with the workload starting to ease up as the last few weeks of the year draw to a close. I played quite a lot of piano to pass the time in between classes, working on a new song and learning actual pieces. I did some reading for Miller on the final text of the year that needs reading - 'Olaudah Equiano: The Interesting Narrative and Other Writings'.

In the evening I went over to KC after watching some 'House of Cards', to chill out with a film. We decided on 'Anchorman' as neither Lenka nor I had seen it. I won't deny that the film was amusing, but with Will quoting from it so often it is nice to now have some context to his conversations. 

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

House of Thrones And Game Of Cards, Wait...

Yesterday was a quieter day for workload because Striner has shortened the last couple of film essays because their deadlines are so close together. One is already out of the way, but the second took far less planning, with half the number of pages to fill. So, to fill the rest of my time in the dining hall before class, I did some book work and then had lunch with Sean. 

Following class, I went to the piano for a while and then did some relaxing and catching up with 'House of Cards' in the time before dinner. Afterwards, I dealt with my bedding in the laundry, which left me with a fresh clean bed - always a great way to finish off a day. Totally hooked as the series rises to its climax, I watched another episode of house of cards before going over to KC to catch up with the second episode of 'Game of Thrones'. 

Monday, 14 April 2014

A Greenhouse Gym...

This morning the laundry was due again, although I could swear that I only did a couple of days a go - time flies. In between first and second class I rang my Granddad to wish him a happy 80th birthday, which was nice to catch up and hear the voice of home. 

After classes I played the piano a short while and then hit the gym, which was sweltering because apparently 26'C and bright sunshine hitting a glass-fronted room isn't hot enough to turn on the AC. So, I only ran two and a half miles and did a bit on the mats, not wanting to over do it in the final run up to the colour run this Saturday. 

This evening I spent some time chilling out with Will in Chester and then came back to Worcester to catch up with 'House of Cards', which I have been neglecting of late. But, given what happened in the last episode (season 2 episode 8), not giving away any spoilers. 

Cherry Blossom On A Bright Sunday...

Yesterday we had a later start, leaving from Caitlin's and catching the metro into DC for the Cherry Blossom Festival. First, however, we needed some food and after wandering around, we found a Languedoc French Bistro opposite Ford's Theatre and neighbouring the house in which Lincoln died. I had some excellent coffee and an omelette whilst the others settled on Eggs Benedict Florentine. 

Fed and more alert, we walked across to the Jefferson Memorial, merging with the throng of people circling the Tidal Basin. There was still sufficient room to wander without feeling completely hemmed in, but did get hot in a crowd under the sun. The trees provided some great photo opportunities and it made a nice change to see DC in the warm with some colour after our past couple of visits. 

The Cherry Blossom Contingency...

...So, it's on to Saturday and a later start than I had anticipated. Missing the 10:00am alarm, I woke up to the fourth call from Sean at 12:45pm, informing me that I had fifteen minutes to get dressed, packed and over to Chester to head off to Virginia. 

Setting off slightly later than first planned then, we made our way to the hotel not far from the music venue. After debating the validity of our free breakfast we dropped off our bags and drove out to the nearby retail park to buy some drinks. The big twist came when Sean returned from calling the taxi company and then several others, informing us that Avicii had been rushed into hospital for emergency gall bladder treatment and so the concert had been cancelled. 

After some rapid contingency planning, we checked out of the hotel, but not before I'd had a much needed shower, and drove three quarters of an hour to DC, where Caitlin was waiting as our saviour with a free house for us to ditch up in for the night. We changed, had a couple of drinks and then grabbed a bit to eat at a really good Italian place down the road. Afterwards, we took advantage of a warmish evening and walked from the Jefferson memorial round past Roosevelt to Martin Luther King, Jr. to take advantage of seeing the cherry blossoms with virtually no one around.