Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The Prestige...

Today I spent my spare time playing the piano and did some book work. After class I went over to KC and we watched 'The Dark Night' before dinner. After food I met up with Caitlin and passed over my unnecessary suitcase for her to take care of for the time being - a huge thank you for storing it. 

This evening I took some Easter chocolate back to Lenka's and we watched 'The Prestige', which is one of the few films in the world that I have seen and Will hasn't. A list that has now shrunk even further, like my chocolate supply. 

Farewell Reception...

My apologies dear readers for letting the blog fall by the wayside the past couple of days, but they haven't been the most riveting of days to write about, what with term starting to wind down. 

On Tuesday I planned the last essay of the year on the Jesuit relations with Native Americans in New France, and played the piano for quite a while - I did say that not much happened. Although I did watch the second episode of 'Suits', which I have decided will make a good replacement to 'House of Cards' and prevent too much withdrawal from Kevin Spacey. 

Yesterday, I began the packing up process. Caitlin very kindly offered to store one of my suitcases at her house in DC until I need to swing by and take it for the flight home. So, I sorted out clothes and belongings that I didn't want to drag around America with me, decided what I would leave for next year's exchange students, and the few bits and pieces I still need. All in all, it looks quite manageable and I don't think I will have to ship anything home ahead of time, which is good. Although, the bookstore will be in for a shock when I bring my bag full of books to sell back to them. 

In the afternoon, myself and the other international students went down into Chestertown for food, drink and a farewell reception at the President's House, which was very nice. I had chance to chat with the President's wife, who is British and we made a date to meet up next year when I'm back at Holloway, which will be nice. 

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter!...

Unlike what I heard from home, Easter Sunday has been sunny and warm, if a bit breezy. After a lazy start, I changed into smart clothes and made my way over to KC where Will and Lenka were getting ready also for your Easter meal out with Sean and his friend, Lindsey. Sean picked us up at quarter to three and then we drove out to Rock Hall, where he had made a reservation for a late lunch at a very nice little restaurant. It being a buffet, we ate as much as we could and then went down to the water for some photos by the bay. (Photos to come)

Model shoot finished, we headed back to campus where I collected my laptop and went back over to KC to Skype home for the holiday. Having caught up I went back and relaxed with some writing in Worcester. Later on the plates of food were wearing off so I headed for Mondo's and a late snack. 

The Colour Run...

Yesterday I woke bright and early to sort out the last bits for the colour run before the taxi departed from campus at 7:30am. The drive into Baltimore was smooth enough and the roads were open as far as the event itself, so we didn't have a long walk to the check-in. 

Inside the venue we were issued our runner packs, with a t-shirt, race number, sun glasses and other freebies. Once we were kitted up we joined the last wave of runners funneling towards the start line. 

The race itself didn't feel like 5km, but I suppose that time passes quicker when there are new things to see as you go. There was a different colour paint station at each 1km milestone where staff threw their colour onto the runners as they passed through. Suffice to say that by the time the race was run we were coated in colour from head to foot.

The rest of the time at the event was spent at the after race concert where everyone was given lots of individual bags of colour to throw in the air/at each other, which made for a great display. We also took advantage of the free food and drink, and the post-race team photos to give a nice contrast to the spotless shots from earlier in the day. 

With a couple of hours before the taxi was due to pick us up, we walked down to the waterfront for a bite to eat and to take advantage of the sunshine. The taxi picked us up on cue and we arrived back at campus by mid-afternoon. 

Once I was back in Worcester I had the most intense hour long shower of my life, comparable to a scrub down following exposure to nuclear fallout - a situation not helped by the fact that I so found out I was slightly sun burned as well. But, eventually I was squeaky clean once more. We spent the evening at Sean's in Chester and then we moved across to KC for the rest of the night. 

Friday, 18 April 2014

Colour Run Prep...

Today was spent making final preparations for the Colour Run tomorrow - making sure that everyone has the right money, knows where to go and has printed off everything they need. Now, I think everything is in order and I need to pack a bag for myself - hopefully with the weather dry tomorrow the powder won't cause us too much hassle. 

After class I had a chance to skype home from KC for a catch up before Easter weekend - my Easter Bunny package arriving just a bit too late for me to pick up for Sunday, so I will have a delayed treat next week. 

To finish, a small treat (I hope) in light of the 200th post yesterday and your continued loyalty. Below is a recording of one of the songs I've been working on put as a packing track to photos from the Cherry Blossom Festival because I like the photos and I couldn't work out how to insert an audio file by itself. It's a bit slow on the load and excuse the squeaky stool in the background.


Thursday, 17 April 2014

The Blog's Bicentennial...

Well, dear readers, it is the 200th blog post of my amazing time here at Washington College. I have decided that once my time here is passed I shall continue a new blog and I invite you preemptively to continue to join me when the time comes. Writing these posts by lamplight is somewhat of a habit now that I will find hard to shake off. 

But, enough of the future. This morning I wrote the penultimate paper of the semester on a genre of film coined by our very own Professor Richard Striner as 'Supernatural Romance' - films comprising of love, death and the afterlife. My particular topic was on 'The Presentation and Personification of Death and the Supernatural' within the genre. With that done and once I had eaten it was time for class. The rest of the afternoon passed with more 'House of Cards' - a serious addiction now. 

This evening, and a fitting event for such a momentous post, was my final dinner with David and Deirdre. This time I took Wilson as my +1 because he had not yet sampled Deirdre and Joan's amazing food, or the great company that everyone provides. Unfortunately, Fern has returned home to LA, so no wolf-husky for entertainment, but it didn't put too much of a damper on the evening - the Bellini's certainly helped to raise our spirits. I shall certainly miss our brief hiatuses from the dining hall to sit around a dining table with home cooked food in front of the fire. But, I thoroughly look forward to seeing David and Deirdre later in the year when we pass by their place in Canada. 

Returning back to Worcester, I watched the last two episodes of 'House of Cards' to round off another small era - what will feed my addiction now?


Yesterday was a long, but routine day, with the workload starting to ease up as the last few weeks of the year draw to a close. I played quite a lot of piano to pass the time in between classes, working on a new song and learning actual pieces. I did some reading for Miller on the final text of the year that needs reading - 'Olaudah Equiano: The Interesting Narrative and Other Writings'.

In the evening I went over to KC after watching some 'House of Cards', to chill out with a film. We decided on 'Anchorman' as neither Lenka nor I had seen it. I won't deny that the film was amusing, but with Will quoting from it so often it is nice to now have some context to his conversations.