Friday, 24 January 2014

Shifting The Sofa...

The end of the first, slightly interrupted working week has arrived. As with all Fridays, the absence of a film shortened contact time by a couple of hours, in between which I played the piano and did a bit of writing. I think all the books for the semester have been shipped, so soon I won't have the luxury to fritter away my time on such creative projects. 

This evening, I played moving men again, this time helping to take Sean's sofa from Lenka and Kristine's apartment and over to his new room in Chester - fitting inside with an inch or so to spare. Returning to KC B, Lenka, Shannon, Danny and I spent a chilled out evening watching TV. We finished off with the final episode of Sherlock that Shannon needed to see. Naturally, neither Lenka or I had an issue watching it a second time - you can never have too much Sherlock. 

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